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    Natural Pumice stone/Lava for horticulture size 1-3mm,5-7mm. 1.Description of lava rock( Pumice stone/ Lava stone/Volcanic ): Volcanic stone (commonly known as pumice or porous basalt) is a functional environmentally friendly material, is the volcanic. eruption by the volcanic glass, minerals and bubbles formed very precious porous stone.

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    Pumice is a light siliceous vesicular volcanic rock that is suitable for use in horticulture and hydroponics. Its porosity provides air spaces that maintain aerobic conditions around the roots while water is contained within the pores. Surface tension around the outside of the pumice particles increases water-holding capacity of the growing medium.

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    Pumice. All types of magma (basalt, andesite, dacite, and rhyolite) will form pumice. During an explosive eruption, volcanic gases dissolved in the liquid portion of magma expand rapidly to create a foam or froth; in the case of pumice, the liquid part of the froth quickly solidifies to glass around the glass bubbles.

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    1 Natural Lava Pumice Volcanic Foot Stone Scrubber Dead Skin Callus Remover Care New !! Are these really from volcanoes? Yes! These stones are formed by volcano eruptions. Pumice formed from the lava that is full of gas. The lava is ejected and shot through the air during a volcano eruption.