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  • Milling Attachment for MicroLux Mini Lathe - Micro-Mark

    Milling Attachment for Mini Lathe bolts to top of cross slide of 7x10, 7x12, 7x14 and 7x16 mini lathes to hold stock while milling with a cutter mounted in the headstock. Moves 3-1/2 inches vertically. Rotates on the cross slide pivot. Tilts up to 50 degrees left or right of vertical. Heavy duty 2-5/8 inch wide vise holds workpieces up to 2 inches high. 16 tpi lead screw.

  • Amazon: Lathe Milling Attachment

    Lathe Milling Vertical Slide 100 x 125 mm & 2" (50 mm) Self Centering Vice For Instant Milling Solution on Lathe

  • Steel Beam Anchors and Clamps – Sliding, Fixed, Vertical

    Steel Beam Flange Anchors. These fall protection anchors are ideal for steel erectors and are meant to be used on I or H Beams and can provide an anchor point for most beams. Miller Shadow Beam Anchor - 12-24 in. Miller Adjustable Beam Trolley - 3 in. to 4.5 in. DBI-SALA Fixed Beam Anchor - Fits up to 18 in.

  • Vertical Slide Milling Attachment (5" x 4") - Includes ...

    Vertical Slide Milling Attachment Complete With Vice For Lathe. Vertical Slide Size: 5" x 4". Over 2.1/2" travel. Hardened and ground. V jawed one side to allow round for doing keyways. Milling attachment for your lathe. Specially designed to suit the model engineer ! Turn your lathe into a mill!

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    large capacity plain vertical slide (metric) 95/125 Ref: 1368 -Table size is 150mm x 100mm -Metric dial graduations -Allows milling in your myford lathe -Table has 3 precision tee slots -Table size is approximately 100mm ...

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    Pipe Attachments. Designed to support non-insulated, stationary lines from above. The lower nut (not furnished) adjusts the pipe line to the proper elevation, while the top nut (not furnished) prevents loosening due to vibration, and must be tightened securely to assure proper hanger performance. For copper tubing please see our Figure 1A CT.

  • Mini lathe vertical slide attachment | The Hobby-Machinist

    Nov 24, 2018 · Overall I wasn't impressed. Lots of chatter unless I did the cross slide gibs up tight, then had to fix the carriage wheel to the cross slide to make it easier to use. Also it was tricky setting the z axis cutting depth as there's not much room on the mini lathe for a .

  • MYFORD ML7 & Super 7 Lathe

    Dividing attachment shown fitted to the earlier type of single- bolt-per-axis swivelling vertical slide. The attachment fits the ML7, Super 7 and ML10 lathes

  • Mini Vertical Slide (90 x 50 mm) for instant Milling ...

    Apr 17, 2018 · Mini Vertical Slide (90 x 50 mm) for instant Milling Operation on Lathe Machine. Small Vertical Milling Slide for Bench Small Lathes Suitable for Bench Lathes up to 150 mm Swing; Base Dimension :50 x 55 mm * Sliding Table :90 x 50 mm * Vertical Travel 40 mm; Tee- Slot width 9.5 mm Maximum *Jaw Opening : 70 mm * Adjustable Vice Jaws & Brass Gib