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    Silk Screen printed decals are printed using a lead free ink and are safe for dishware. Digital printed decals use a toner that is NOT lead free and is not considered food safe. MY FIRED PIECES HAS A SMALL CIRCLE MARK DEFECT AFTER FIRING. WHY? This is from a blister in the decal. There was still water behind the decal.

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    Apr 17, 2011 · Find a service that will silk-screen your decals. Rail Graphics, as has already been mentioned, is one of the best sources for silk-screened decals. While Microscale offers even higher-quality custom-printing services using their offset presses, you'd need to order a minimum of 250 half-letter-size sheets. Rail Graphics will run as few as 25 sets.

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    Make a pattern of the design you want (a screen) and place it on top of a piece of decal paper. In a technique similar to silk screening, use a squeegee to get the overglaze evenly onto the pattern. Pull the pattern away and let it dry. Coat the whole thing with polyurethane varnish which creates a film on the decal paper and print.

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    Rockford Silk Screen offers vinyl substrate screen printed decals & reflective decals for road signs, farms, dealer signs & more. Screen Printed Metal Decals - Pressure Sensitive Decals | Rockford Silk Screen .

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    Silkscreen stickers are printed using old school techniques and are the most durable kind of sticker you can get. Sure, they cost a little more, but Silkscreen Stickers have an unmatched look and feel. Automotive shops use them for products because they are .

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    Unmatched Sticker Quality. Our number one goal has always been to manufacture the highest quality, longest lasting stickers on the market. Silkscreen printing allows us to do just that. Using this ancient printing method, we are able to print the highest caliber, highest quality stickers available.

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    Customize your silk screen t-shirts. Silk screen t-shirts add a fun and unique look to your attire. Whether you are looking for a great design or logo with or without text, we have a nice selection of options to choose from! Start by choosing one of our design templates and customizing it .

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    custom printed silk-screen vinyl stickers decals. Tubies® Custom functional Reversible Fleeced lined Tubular Headwear

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    What We Do. We take your artwork and tranform it into a transparency that is used to burn an image onto a mesh screen. With that mesh screen we can then screen print using lead-free ink mulitple sheets with precise accuracy to ensure the first sheet of decals is the exact same as the last sheet of decals created.

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    Label-Aid offers screen printing (also called silk screen printing), which is one of the oldest printing processes. It was originally called silk screen printing because silk was used as the mesh to print through. Silk screen labels are ideal for images requiring thick, opaque ink.

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    Aug 09, 2019 · Screen printing is a versatile and cheap technique if you have a silk screen stencil. Whether you have a client who wants a unique design or you just want to print creatively, you can make your own stencils from home.