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  • Lapidary 101: Introduction to Stone Cutting | Interweave

    Lapidaries (stone-cutters or gem-cutters) cut, polish, and sometimes facet stones for use in gemstone jewelry making or for gem collectors. After cabochon cutting or gem cutting, stone polishing and buffing are final finishing steps in the lapidary process.

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    Polishing stick and putty: The lapidary uses a type of putty to temporarily attach the rough-cut stone to the end of a pencil or other implement with a flat end. Holding the stone by the stick, the lapidary presses the stone against the wheel a little at a time, frequently checking the results.

  • How to Polish Rock Slabs | eHow

    How to Polish Rock Slabs. Polishing rock slabs removes imperfections from the flat surface of the rock. You can polish rock slabs to make items, such as bookends, tabletops or even kitchen counter tops. Hand polishing, however, takes a good amount of time and effort, so if you want to polish your own rocks, be prepared for the physical and time...

  • How to Polish Rocks & Gems Without a Rock Tumbler | Sciencing

    How to Polish Rocks & Gems Without a Rock Tumbler ... The excitement of turning a jagged piece of stone into a gleaming gem or rock motivates rock hounds to polish stone after stone. Polishing rocks is a satisfying hobby, but the use of a rock tumbler to achieve the polished result is surprisingly unnecessary. With a few simple materials and ...

  • Lapidary Fundamentals: Gemstone Faceting

    Pre-polishing The Crown Main Facets. Clean the gem and the machine and put the pre-polishing lap on the spindle. The angle is already set for the mains, so simply set the index to 96 and adjust the height so the gem barely touches the lap. Pre-polish the first facet and inspect it to make sure you've removed all the coarse scratches.

    Gemstone Faceting: Basic ControlsThere are three basic elements to arranging the facets on a gemstone: 1. The angle of the cut 2. The rotation of the gem 3. The depth of the cutThe...Gemstone Faceting: Pavilion and Girdle Cutting ProceduresNow that you're familiar with the controls, you're ready to go through the procedures for a standard, round brilliant cut.First, inspect the gem to...Gemstone Faceting: Crown Cutting ProceduresThe procedures for cutting the crown are nearly identical to cutting the pavilion. However, there are two additional steps. Before cutting the crow...Mastering Gemstone FacetingNow, do you think you can do this? Of course you can! There are several steps to put 57 facets on a gem, but none of them are difficult. Cutting yo...
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    Gem Polish. Graves Company carries a complete line of polishing powders for all types of lapidary materials: Diamond Powder The Finest Available. No need to pay a premium for premium powder! Diamond abrasive in this form is the most preferred and economical for polishing and grinding gemstones. Each vial contains pure synthetic, sharp ...

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    You will polish the stone on a softer, padded surface, using a paste of cerium oxide or tin oxide, to brighten the finished cabochon. Faceted Gemstones. Transparent and crystal gemstones are cut with intricate and beautiful facets. These gemstones are "lapped" on a flat disk that is impregnated with diamond chips, again using different grit sizes.

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    Mar 29, 2019 · Polish the top of the cut gem against the polishing lap. This will buff your new gemstone until it sparkles and will help remove any grit or imperfections leftover by the faceting process. To remove the finished stone from the dop stick, warm the wax near an open flame so it softens. Then pull the stone away from the wax.