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    Expending over 97,000 work hours in eight months and finishing 30 days ahead of schedule, Ames crews constructed the 120-foot tall in-pit crusher station in Kennecott Bingham Canyon Mine, the largest open pit copper mine in the world.

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    After purchasing the linear crusher, Conner says, "We can take existing roads that are wearing out and rehab them without having to open a pit and do a whole DEQ pit process, then the whole reclaim process. We'll save a lot of money using existing material on the road shoulder and surface.

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    Dec 18, 2017 · 67 Brilliant DIY Fire Pit Plans & Ideas to Build for Coziness and Warmth Posted on December 18, 2017 July 17, 2019 by Sudarshan Kar I love fire pits for how they look like, the warmth they provide, of how family and friends gather around it and have a good time.

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    Share those campfire stories over decorative outdoor fire pits and fire rings that add outdoor ambiance and warmth to any camping trip. Fire pit tables in propane and .

  • In-pit crushing and conveying saves more than just ... -

    In-pit crushing and conveying saves more than just fuel. Transporting ore and waste in the most economic, efficient and environmentally friendly way is critical to the operation of any open-pit mine. Can in-pit crushing and conveying provide a solution?

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    This Pro-Forge offers a fast, easy way to flatten cans between recycling collections without making a mess. Featuring a durable steel construction, this boasts a space-saving design and has a special, user-friendly lever that makes cans compact.