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    The SMAP application areas directly addressed by SMAP measurements of soil moisture and freeze/thaw state, acquired globally and at high spatial and temporal resolutions, are (Entekhabi et al., 2010): Weather and Climate Forecasting

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    Almaplex Industrial Lubricant is a versatile wear-reducing aluminum complex grease that protects equipment from moisture & heat. It is a general purpose extreme pressure (EP) grease for heavy industrial use and is extremely versatile, minimizing inventory requirements and misapplication because it works in many different applications.

  • Drying of plastics with high moisture contents (>1% ...

    Drying of bulk materials with high initial moistures > 1% and < 15%. The goal. Drying on residual moisture level between 0.5% and 5% (depending on the application) in a continuous process. Our process. Continuous IRD. Individually adjustable to the product temperature profile for a .

  • Non-traditional grains in low and high moisture extrusion ...

    Non-traditional grains in low and high moisture extrusion applications –residence time, physico-chemical properties and resistant starch Kumar, Rajesh Sorghum, millets and teff are important staple crops worldwide, especially in semi-arid regions of Africa and India because of their drought tolerance.

  • Ideal for High Moisture Applications

    High Moisture Applications Product Information The QO Non-Metallic Load Center is UL listed, NEMA Type 3R rainproof for outdoor applications and meets NEC requirements for wire bending space. QO2-4L60NRNM 120/240Vac Single-Phase, 3-Wire • Suitable for use on systems with up to 10K RMS symmetrical amperes available fault current at 240Vac.

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    Industrial Processing Equipment. Bepex is committed to providing the highest quality industrial process equipment on the market. With the help of our Process Development Center and aftermarket field engineers, we are able to develop industrial processing equipment that is .

  • US7786635B2 - Motor for high moisture applications ...

    It is known that certain electric motors tend to fail in wet or high moisture applications. Examples of such applications include those where there is an exposure to saltwater or where there are frequent cleanings and wash-downs near the motor with caustic solvents, such as might be found in food processing areas.

  • High moisture food extrusionticscholar

    efficiency (Harper, 1981). High quality products can be manufactured by extrusion. Well-known extrusion applications in the food industry include ready-to-eat breakfast cereals, baby foods, pet foods, and confectionery products. Almost all of these applications take place at low to intermediate level moisture contents (moisture levels less than 40%).

  • CIP 28 - Concrete Slab Moisture

    Moisture moves to the slab surface by capillary action or wicking. Factors affecting this include depth of the water table and fineness of soil below the slab. Fine grained soil promotes moisture movements from con-siderable depths compared to coarser subgrade mate-rial. .

  • High-Temperature Electronics Pose Design and Reliability ...

    For this reason, hermetic ceramic packages are preferred for high-temperature applications (Figure 10). The hermetic seal provides a barrier to the moisture and contamination ingresses that cause corrosion. Unfortunately, hermetic packages are normally larger, heavier, and significantly more expensive than their plastic counterparts.


    •Agriculture applications where the sun light, radiation and ultraviolet sensors are required in order to measure the total amount of energy and light which is absorbed by the plants.