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    a process of decontaminating soil or water by using plants and trees to absorb or break down pollutants. phytoremediation. phytoremediation. See under bioremediation.

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    Define Phytomining. Phytomining synonyms, Phytomining pronunciation, Phytomining translation, English dictionary definition of Phytomining. n. The planting of trees, grasses, or other vegetation to remove or neutralize contaminants, as in polluted soil or water. n another name for bioremediation

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    Phytoremediation is an in situ remediation technology that utilises the inherent abilities of living plants. It is also an ecologically friendly, solar-energy driven clean-up technology, based on the concept of using nature to cleanse nature.

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    Jan 05, 2012 · Best Answer: Phytomining is a growing idea that makes money off of phytoextraction of heavy metals. Areas that have heavy metal contamination however the concentration of the metal are not high enough to be economically worthy of exploitations would remediate their soil with suitable phytoaccumulating plants.