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    Nov 28, 2013 · Cost: sanding roll - 5 cents/ft, required 4' = .20. Tyvek - free, postal envelopes. Epoxy - one app., 5 cents. So for the sum of 25 cents, and a lot of time that I'm not getting paid for, I produce a perfectly good, fully functional sanding belt that, hopefully, will come in handy for those jobs that I .

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    Anything metal can destroy a sanding belt in seconds should the sander contact it. Years ago we didn't ruin the sanding belts with our wood chisels because we positioned the chisel at a very low angle and the belt was moving away from the cutting edge of the chisel. I routinely use my belt sander to do the fine adjustments to a scribed line.

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    We stock the Cibo ranges of powerfile sanding belts as they are best for all steels, including stainless. In coarse grades high performance ceramic abrasive is used. Quality taped belt joints are used throughout.

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    Belt sanders are the big, powerful gorillas of the sanding world. Few tools can save you as much time—or wreck your project faster. If you're new to belt sanders or have been frustrated by yours, read on to find out how to keep that big ape under control.