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    has included Slate Creek on its 2012 section 303(d) list as water quality limited due to antimony and arsenic and identified mining as the expected pollutant source (ADEC 2012a). Subsequent data analyses indicated that iron also is not meeting water quality standards. The presence of elevated levels of antimony, arsenic, and iron

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    germanium, arsenic, and tellurium), it is positioned in the periodic table along the boundary between the metals and the nonmetals. Its common oxidation states are +5, +3, 0, and –3, although other oxidation states have been recognized. Natural antimony consists of a mixture of two stable isotopes that have atomic weights 121 (57.25

  • Antimony (Sb) and Arsenic (As) in Sb Mining Impacted Paddy ...

    Foods produced on soils impacted by antimony (Sb) mining activities are a potential health risk due to plant uptake of the contaminant metalloids (Sb) and arsenic (As). Here we report for the first time the chemical speciation of Sb in soil and porewater of flooded paddy soil, impacted by active Sb mining, and its effect on uptake and speciation in rice plants (Oryza sativa L. cv Jiahua).

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    A key design success was the determination of the "sweet spot" whereby arsenic adsorption and removal was maintained while lowering the feed pH to adsorb the antimony. Executing this two-contaminant removal in a single step cut capital costs in half.

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    Coexisting arsenic (As) and antimony (Sb) in mining wastewater is a common and great concern. On-site simultaneous removal of As and Sb from mining wastewater was achieved by using a reusable granular TiO2 column in this study.