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    THREE ink blots on the eastern end of the map of Pennsylvania, between the Delaware and the Susquehanna rivers, represent all the anthracite coal in the United States. They cover an area of 488 square miles, and produced last year 53,500,000 tons,--truly infinite riches in a little room.

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    The Reading Anthracite Company fuels the regional economy by providing hundreds of jobs directly and indirectly. Electricity and coal produced in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania is Schuylkill County's single largest export and this energy industry represents the backbone of this region's rail infrastructure.

  • Energy in a Ton of Coal - The Physics Factbook

    Coal has many forms including lignite (brown coal, is the lowest rank of coal and used almost exclusively as fuel for steam-electric power) sub bituminous coal, bituminous coal (a dense coal, usually black, sometimes dark brown used primarily as fuel in steam-electric power generation), and anthracite (anthracite is the highest grade of coal ...

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